25 facts about me

I thought maybe this would be a fun way to introduce myself. As you can obviously tell I have had way too many weeks off, but hey, life happens right? So here it is, 25 random questions:

  1. What is your name? Hi, I am Felicia — apparently, it means happy or happy times.

  2. What is your middle name? I actually have 2: Emma Violet. Both are the names of my great grandmothers, and I absolutely love them.

  3. Where are you from? Originally I am from Victoria, BC, Canada. A beautiful small town (well it was at the time) right on the ocean. I miss it so much but it is wayyyyy too expensive to live there, unfortunately

  4. Why did you name your blog Sprinkle of Chaos? I have started quite a few blogs in my day but no name ever seemed right. So Sprinkle of Chaos was created because my life is complete chaos as a mom, new stay at home mom etc.

  5. Why are you blogging? I am a very creative person and struggled with not having an outlet when I became a stay at home mom, so I started blogging again. Get things off my chest, and unleash some creativity.

  6. What is your career/school background? I have my bachelor's degree in Criminology and was a legal assistant for 6 years.

  7. Do you have any pets? I do… 2 dogs, 3 cats and a fish. I basically live in a zoo.

  8. What is your favorite holiday? I have 3 that I just can’t choose from. 1. my graduation holiday with my mom when we spent a month in Australia. 2. my sister’s graduation holiday when we went to Florida for a month (not so much the actual state but the time with her was amazing for our relationship) and 3. my honeymoon in Bali in 2017.

  9. Do you speak any other languages? I am bilingual in French. I was french immersion from kindergarten to grade 12 and some courses through college.

  10. How many children do you want? 3.

  11. How tall are you? I am 5″11 almost 6″… my son is supposed to be around 6’5-6’7 it is predicted :O

  12. What inspires you? My son. I want to make life good for him.

  13. 1 personal weakness? I have a really hard time saying no to people because I don’t like to upset or disappoint anyone… even if that means upsetting myself.

  14. 1 personal strength? I care a lot. If you are important to me, I will literally do anything for you.

  15. What is your biggest fear? Honestly… it is the way the world is turning. I am literally afraid to go anywhere with large crowds because of attacks…. how we are treating our planet and how it will affect our children’s futures…. and also social media… I am TERRIFIED of how that will affect my kids growing up.

  16. What is your biggest dream? I want to take 2-3 months off every summer with my children and travel the world. I also want a piece of property with a small farm.

  17. What book are you currently reading? How to talk so your little kids will listen

  18. What car do you drive? 2018 Honda CRV and I am obsessed with it.

  19. What makes you angry? Germs. No schedules. The way we are treating our planet. Animal cruelty. Covid.

  20. Are you a tidy or messy person? I used to be horribly messy… now, I can’t stand mess and germs.

  21. What were your nicknames growing up? I had the kind of friends that would call me anything they thought was funny that started with the letter F… but mostly I was Feech or Fee.

  22. Do you have any siblings? I do. I am the oldest of 4. My sister is 27, my brother is 25 and my other brother is 19.

  23. When is your birthday and how old are you? I just turned 29 on July 28th

  24. Can you cook? I like to think I can

  25. Have you ever been out of the country? I have. I love to travel and was bitten pretty bad in my early 20s by the travel bug. My first trip was in grade 10 for a 3-month exchange in France. Others include: UK, Mexico, Australia, USA (a couple of different states including California, Florida etc.) and my most recent was Bali for my honeymoon.

There you have it, friends. 25 random facts I found and decided to share. Do you have any other questions you are curious about let me know in the comments?

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