a love affair with a pillow

When I first read about the pregnancy pillows, I couldn't believe how pricey they were! It is literally just a body pillow in the shape of a "c" right?! WRONG!.

My mom surprised me with one when I was only 5 weeks pregnant with my first son. She just showed up at my house one day and told me to close my eyes. She threw this enormous pillow at my head (if you know my mom, you know; she literally threw it at my head) and laughed at me. My husband walked in and said "what the hell is that thing?", I turned around and said "MY SNOOOOOGGGGGGLE" (*pronounced SNOO-GLE) and it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I am talking butterflies in your tummy, running through a field of daisies, holding hands type of a love affair.

If you are thinking of opting out of purchasing a pillow, I highly HIGHLY recommend you don't. Mine was bought used and honestly how the heck can you tell the difference... it is a damn pillow. If you want to spend the $89.99 (on Amazon) to get one brand new, then, by all means, you do you girl but mine has a removable cover so I was completely ok with the used version. I took the cover off, chucked it into the washing machine on high heat and bob's your uncle.

I can't even begin to explain to you the pure bliss this pillow will bring to your long, sleepless pregnancy nights. Although at that time, I wasn't showing and hadn't even been close to the uncomfortable sleeping stage yet but honestly, it is amazing. I am naturally a stomach sleeper, so I kinda of panicked how I would prevent that while I was pregnant. I basically would tuck it in between my legs and snuggle up close to it so it prevents me from rolling around. It was amazing.

My sister stayed at my house for a weekend while we were away one weekend and I left it for her to use (keep in mind she was not pregnant). She texted me the next morning freaking out about how amazing this dumb pillow is. It's just that good.

Don't let me fool you though, the damn thing is absolutely gigantic. It literally takes up half of a queen size bed. Want to snuggle? You better forget that thought quicker than when it came into your mind... no one comes between me and my Snoogle.

My hubby hated the pillow. At first he was ok, and went with the flow (he says he gets claustrophobic if he cuddles at night.... :\ right?!) however as the time passed he would literally throw it across the room when he'd make the bed, just to express his hatred towards my beautiful pillow. I think in general, it is just its size that makes him mad. If it was not nearly falling off the bed on my side, it would be encroaching onto his side of the bed.... yes, it truly is THAT big... especially when you only have a queen size bed (I have now since upgraded to a king... BEST. MARRIAGE. ADVICE... get a king size bed!)

I have a friend who was equally as obsessed with her Snoogle as I was. They named him "Sexy Guy" because lord knows the Snoogle will always get more snuggle action than your man ;). He now proudly announces that Sexy Guy is collecting dust in the basement and will never see the light of day again. The boys truly hate the Snoogle THAT much.

For me, it kept me from sleeping on my stomach which was great. HOWEVER, dare I say there is one problem with the Snoogle. At roughly 5 months pregnant, my tummy started growing, like really growing, which gave me more ache in my hips and back. Throughout the night I wanted to turn but when you are under a blanket and a duvet rotating a ginormous pillow is really not the easiest task. Some days I would wake up and the Snoogle would be behind me, which is still fine but really not all that useful. Getting out of bed in the morning is a whole other story. At first, it was fine because I could kind of just toss it up and out of the way with my legs, however as the belly grew and it turned into a beach ball attached to my torso, my legs wouldn't really just up and flail like they used to. I was sort of forced to toss and wiggle until I could kind of wiggle my way out from underneath it. A truly horrific scene I am sure but even that can't pry my love out of my hands.

I looked at reviews online to see if people shared the same type of love story as me... and low and behold, I had in fact been sleeping backward in the Snoogle! HAH! The whole problem I had was literally a user problem... oopsie. Apparently you are supposed to sleep with the long part of the pillow down your back... I like my way better, but it is harder to get out of.

After one year post pregnancy, sometimes I missed my pillow. My husband threw it in the basement the second that baby came out. Don't worry; it was in fact the first thing that was brought back upstairs after I got a positive stick.

To my horror, after 6 months with baby number 2, I heard the most awful of awful sounds. A huge rip in the pillow. If the pillow case was on, it was ok but when I removed the pillow case to wash it, it was never the same again. I was not about to enter the third trimester sans pillow so I purchased a different style of pillow off of a friend. Rather then a "C" shaped pillow, it is actually a "U" shaped, so the pillow is in the front AND the back. Pure heaven. I just toss a side up when I need to get out of bed, and it works perfectly.

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