accomplishments during nap time

I always took nap time for granted. When Mr. D was really little, I would just put him down for his 1 or 1.5 hours and sit and do nothing while he slept peacefully and easily regardless if there was noise in the house or not.

I now constantly think back to how easy I had it and how I should have taken advantage of that! Now that he's 2.5, I am LUCKY if I get him to nap for an hour each day. It has not only been an absolute struggle to figure out the best time to put him down but we fight constantly to keep him asleep so the majority of the hour I just sit staring at the monitor hoping to god he will nap for a decent amount of time, and then, in turn, get literally nothing else done. If he miraculously sleeps longer than an hour, I dare not move a muscle to make any noise so he can sleep longer, and again, accomplish nothing. As for Baby C, he's only 2 months old, so luckily if hes sleeping, its usually beside me. So I don't need to worry too much about him unless he needs me to keep bouncing his little chair.

On a good day, I accomplish stuff around the house mostly, while being as quiet as possible. We live in a pretty small house so I tend to tiptoe around (I know I shouldn’t have to) to make sure he stays asleep… When you have been in a sleep regression for 6 full weeks – you would do everything in your power to make sure the house is absolutely silent while he’s asleep. Thank god his sleep regressions are behind us, but I am gearing up for Baby C's to start soon.

So without further ado, here is a list of the stuff I can sometimes accomplish and a second list of things I should be accomplishing, but because I am Type-A personality, definitely neglect.

What I actually accomplish:

  • Laundry – I am a boy mom through and through and you can absolutely tell by the size of my laundry piles that I need to tackle on a weekly basis. It is literally never-ending between him, Baby C and my husband (who is in construction). I am constantly washing, drying, folding and putting away. Are girls this way too? Do you have food and dirt stained clothes that have to be washed after one single wear? I don’t think he’s ever (after 12 months) been able to wear something twice without a wash in between!

  • Dishes – The absolute bain of my existence and now quite possibly my most hated chore. Now that I am at home the majority of the time, I am unloading and reloading the dishwasher at least twice a day. My kid is projected to be 6’6 (yes, I am absolutely serious) so you can imagine how many dishes he goes through in a day… How the heck am I going to be able to feed him as a teenager?!?

  • TV/coffee – If you are anything like me, you rarely get to drink your coffee on the first go. I either put it down and forget it somewhere, leave it in the microwave and forget about it or get completely sidetracked and again, forget about it. So I noticed if I drank my coffee right when he went down for a nap, I could actually enjoy it and finish the whole cup. I also put on a TV show or Netflix and generally walk away but at least it's on right?

  • Writing/social media – This tends to be my only time of day when I have enough brain capacity to either write or post to social media. At night, I am way too tired and in the morning I just don’t have the time.

  • Eating – Or, if you are like me, opening the fridge; staring into it for 10 minutes and then shutting it frustrated because no food was magically prepared for you so now you need to get enough brainpower to think of something to cook so you can actually eat for once.

What I should actually be doing:

  • Resting/ Sleeping – Especially now with a newborn AND a toddler, I am literally EXHAUSTED by the time lunch hits. You know how when you are pregnant and people tell you to sleep and rest when the baby sleeps… yeah well I have NEVER been able to do that. I have actually never been able to nap, I lie down and my mind starts running a mile a minute about all the things I should be doing so by the time I start drifting, he wakes up then I am annoyed. I wish I could nap, but I literally can’t.

  • Exercising – I know this seems like a silly one, but honestly, this would be the opportune time to exercise. Exercise always improves my mood but I just never find the motivation or energy to actually get there. Maybe writing that here will force me to do it?! A girl can dream.

  • Reading – I have a stack of books I want to read but just haven’t found the time to do so. I would do it before bed but I just lack the energy… seems to be a reoccurring thing here huh? I need to find the time to do it, but I just haven’t.

  • Meal Planning – This is very high on my to-do/priority list. It is something I desperately need to start doing because I am constantly finding myself struggling for all meals and snacks for us. I think having lists and meals would allow for a lot less stress on that end of life.

Honestly, being Type- A is actually very hindering for “Me” time. When they are napping, I should be using that time for myself to recharge and refocus but I always find there is way too much to do. I hate mess and clutter so if I see things needing to be done I literally HAVE to do it or it will eat away at my brain. I know housework should be back of the list in terms of self-care goes but I just can’t help it. I am a firm believer in clear space = clear mind but living in a small house there is never a clear space.

Honestly though, lately, I have literally accomplished nothing because I am trying my hardest to get work through being a mom to two kiddos now. When Mr. D doesn’t nap, bedtime is a nightmare because he’s overtired so I am in what seems like the infinite circle of chaos. When he actually does nap, Baby C needs feeding and putting to sleep etc. The exact reason behind the lack of posts, the lack of motivation and the lack of energy; just blame the baby. Toddlers are alotttt of work, but when you have one who isn’t sleeping AND a newbore, it is a whole other ball game because you are dealing with endless energy, overtired, defiant and grumpyyyyyy babies. On top of trying to juggle two needy kids who want all your attention. It’s brutal, and if you are going through the same thing oh girl I feel your pain.

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