When I got pregnant with Baby D, my hubby and I had a lot of discussions between cloth diapers and disposables. We both agreed for us, we would use disposable diapers.

We had my baby shower early due to travel and weather situations. I was adamant about having it in my home town so my best friends could come. I got a lot of gifts, and thankfully a lot of diapers. What I didn't realize was that I would be so picky about what diapers I would use. Of course, the majority of diapers were the typical diapers, ones that were in every store, grocery store, baby store, etc. Huggies and Pampers.

When Baby D was born I obviously started to use the diapers and immediately regretted it. For some reason, every diaper I would put on him, I would immediately start to smell a chemical like substance. Like so strong I could smell it through his clothes. I panicked and immediately ripped it off and tried another, thinking maybe it was that specific diaper. Every single diaper had an insane chemical smell to it. I asked my husband if he could smell it too, wondering if it was just me, and he too could smell it, so off we went on our journey of finding a proper diaper for our son.

I will admit the diapers weren't "bad" per se. They did the job of holding his mess in, and we hardly had blowouts, but I will admit we only used them for about a week. I wanted a diaper that didn't make me feel sick, and if I can smell the chemical on him, I could only imagine what they would do to his poor bum. I did some research and found that I certainly wasn't the only parent who noticed this smell, but we were very fortunate to not have gone through the horrible bum rashes other parents and poor babies were having to go through.

As my research continued, I found that four brands of diapers appealed to me: Naty, Honest Company, Seventh Generation, and Pampers Pure.


We had received a few samples in the mail when I was doing sign-ups for free baby gear (look into this if you haven't already!) and I immediately loved them. These eco-friendly diapers are naturally breathable thanks to their cornstarch film which allows them to be airier, and direr all around. They are also chlorine and fragrance-free. They felt very soft and had the cutest patterns on the front (like that matters, I know).

Unfortunately for us, they are not sold in stores and require a purchase from the website or Amazon. I also found them very expensive (roughly $0.45 per diaper). I wanted a diaper that was more easily accessible if we were in a jam, and I didn't want to have to order diapers every time I ran out, and if I forgot, we would have a mess of a time. So we didn't continue further with Naty diapers, unfortunately. I also notice that they rip a lot easier, and do not hold a lot of fluids once they get older.

The Honest Company:

Honest Company diapers were another type of diaper we got as a sample. I immediately was drawn to the company due to their non-animal testing, and their eco-friendly products. Their diapers are also chlorine-free and are made from plant-based products. They have citrus extract and liquid chlorophyll as an odor eliminator. We bought quite a few packages, however, they were only in very select stores. They were even more expensive ($0.50 per diaper) but because they were easier to find we bought them. I started to notice that as he started to grow, and produce more... waste... the diapers were not holding up at night and had more blowouts during the day. We used them for some time but switched to Seventh Generation diapers.

Seventh Generation:

These diapers are made with sustainably-sourced cotton liner and are the only diaper that has 0% bleach (which is why the exterior of the diaper is beige and not white). These diapers are again, only in a few stores (including Superstore and London Drugs) but since we do most of our grocery shopping at Superstore it has been much easier for us. We pay roughly $0.45 per diaper. He very seldomly has leaked with these diapers, but because he is almost sleeping through the night, I don't use these for nighttime. I will note that these diapers have kind of a smell when he got older. I tend to not use these anymore because of the urine smell once he turned 2.

Pampers Pure:

This is my bonus diaper and by far my absolute (current) favorite. Just before he turned two, I was at the grocery store trying to buy Seventh Generation. I saw the Pampers were on sale and not the Seventh diapers, so I decided to give them a go. They are amazing! They hardly ever leak (including at night), they fit properly and they are 0% Chlorine Bleaching, Fragrance-free, Parabens free, and made from Natural Rubber Latex. They have definitely worked well for us as he's gotten older.

As a closing thought, I have noticed that the diapers I loved when he was littler aren't as great when he's gotten older. Leaks, blowouts, ripping or just a urine smell that I didn't notice when he was little.

Hope that helps anyone making a diaper choice :)

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