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Friends, it has been ages, and I am almost too embarrassed to even provide an explanation, but I will... I owe you that much. Is anyone even still around? Am I starting over? If so, Hi, I am Felicia. Go read my about me page, if you are interested... which I am sure needs to be updated.

Here it goes:

I believe my last post was sometime before the world shut down and before everything blew up. Here's my story (or "excuse" if you will).

I am pregnant. Baby number two is officially on the way (and to be quite honest, almost due). I am 32 weeks pregnant today and I was incredibly sick. Like I am talking can't even stand up straight from the amount of nausea type sick. I was keeling over all day, every single day from weeks 4 to 18... It was awful. I would walk around half bent over all day trying to tidy the house, feed a toddler, and survive. A friend of mine finally talked me into getting a prescription, which helped just enough to be able to stand up straight and actually function like a normal human being. Had this been my first child, I probably would not have taken them, but just suffered through the pain. But because I have a 2-year-old who needs my attention all day, I caved. Got the prescription and survived to tell the tale, and secretly loved her for pushing me to do it.

Yes, I am incredibly dramatic, but it was ridiculously hard.

When my nausea finally lifted, I had a few short weeks of bliss before the world shut down and we were confined to our house. I have a second blog post on the way for those effects because I think it is important to not only talk about it but also to remember it.

We were locked in, bored, and annoyed. That's when the heartburn/acid reflux started and is still continuing to this day. I eat ANYTHING and I immediately regret it. I eat salad= heartburn, fresh juice = heartburn, junkfood= heartburn, WATER= heartburn. All this baby ever wants is lemonade and fruit, which ALL. GIVE. ME. HEARTBURN. Like can you not, I am trying to grow you and help you strive!

My insomnia is at the absolute highest amount (like I am talking 3-4 hours a night TOPS) and when I finally do fall asleep, I am either having dreams of people killing me, sex dreams OR waking up with acid literally flooding my mouth (TMI? sorry). Now add the heat, and I am sleeping even less. Don't you dare say "that's the body's way of preparing you for birth" because not only did I sleep BETTER after my first was born, but it is literally one of the most annoying comments to say to a pregnant girl who hasn't slept in 6 months.

This pregnancy has been an absolute whirlwind. When I say it is directly opposite to my first, I am not joking. Every single thing is different. I was (and still kind of am) convinced it is a girl... even if the ultrasound tech has told me otherwise. Unfortunately, our 3D scan place has been closed this entire time, and I have never gotten the confirmation my brain absolutely needs to survive (cue drama).

I am beyond thrilled to be having another mama's boy, a mini Mr. D, someone who always chooses their mama over daddy :D. I was just so convinced it was a girl, because of how different I feel. But truth be told, I am actually scared of girls, especially pre-teen/ teenage girls. So I am a million percent ok with having boys.

As for delivery, I have opted for a repeat c-section. It feels safer to me, especially after the trauma I experienced with my first. I can do a blog post on this topic, because I did get alot of push back for wanting to do so. He will be scheduled for the middle of September.

My little unintentional Covid baby. He was conceived before lockdown happened, so it's all been pretty stressful. Please hang tight for my next post about how Covid-19 has effected our family. It's been tough, let's just say that.

Well, that's my little excuse. My brain is mush, so I honestly can't remember more details. I will put edits below if it magically comes back to me.

If any of you are still around, thank you for sticking with me.

Stay safe, sane and healthy friends <3

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