the debate over our child's diet.

I have eaten meat my entire life. The boys in my family are all hunters, as were generations before them. We ate game meat (deer, moose, bear, etc.) on almost a daily basis, and rarely ever did we touch beef. It's all I knew growing up. You ate what was put on the table in front of you and you were to finish your plate before you left the table. My mom was a stickler for wasting food, so you sat there until your plate was clean, regardless if you liked what was put in front of you or not.

It wasn't until I got pregnant with my first when that changed. I didn't really intend to change my eating habits, the wonderful baby in my belly and associated hormones decided to change that for me. The first trimester was brutal. I could not stomach the taste, smell, or appearance of meat. If I smelt it, I would gag; if I saw someone eating it, I would gag more. I recall one specific day I was in the living room with my sister and my husband went into the fridge and grabbed a leftover sausage and bite into it; I literally covered my mouth and started gagging... he was in a completely different room but just the thought of the meat made my stomach turn. From that day forward I forbid my husband to cook meat in our home indefinitely (not actually forever, but at that time I was adamant it would be forever). That basically continued through until the third trimester. The smell no longer bothered me, and my husband was allowed to eat in front of me again but I just didn't want to eat it anymore and to this day I still don't know why. I had chicken occasionally thereafter but in June of 2018 (the day after father's day), I became vegetarian.

I decided to no longer eat meat for two reasons: 1. the disgusting and inhumane way our world butchers animals and 2. the growth hormones. I read a lot of articles in relation to our health and I have many opinions and theories on the matter of hormones which I won't go into detail on here --- but I will say this; the hormones are making our world really sick. So alas, I cut out meat and have not gone back. I may be the worst vegetarian ever because ultimately I have no clue (or energy) to know what to eat, but we make do and I am still here right?

One day when I was having a bath (my 30 minutes of alone time a few days a week), I started to think about Mr. D's future. I wondered if raising my children vegetarian was the right choice for our family. I make 99.8% of the meals in our home so it wouldn't be difficult. He was vegetarian for the first 18 months or so of his life so what's the difference right? Well... I asked my husband that very same question and he had a different idea. He, on the other hand, still ate meat, so he looked a little offended when I asked what he thought about raising Mr. D vegetarian (and our future children). I asked him to explain why he was offended and his only answer was "we were raised on meat", which made literally zero sense because he is just as much against all the chemicals and hormones as I am.

It turned into a sort of debate/argument because I don't want to be adding crap into my childrens' bodies through their food, and teach them that animals have feelings and emotions and his defense was that we should buy locally and the hormones wouldn't be there. It just went back and forth saying the same things over and over again. You should probably know my husband and I are literally the same person. We are both very passionate people, extremely stubborn and VERY opinionated so debates in our home happen on the regular and they never end with one of us being persuaded by the other.

He sort of walked away after that. We never finished the discussion other then "it's fine for now", which was not helpful. So my question to you guys is: what would you do? I mean we clearly need to readdress the situation in the near future, but I would really prefer it if my kids ate what I ate. Do you and your husband have different diets? Is he okay with your children being vegetarian/vegan if he isn't?

After about a year and a half we decided to add a bit of meat back into our diets. We now consume chicken, turkey and occasionally red meat. Mr. D has a massive appetite now that he's 2, and the only way to kind of curb his hunger in the slightest was adding higher proteins to his meals. I still try to cook as much plant-based meals as I can, but we compromised in our debate by adding meat a few times a week.

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